Beauty, Truth and Reality through the Art of Charles White

This website accompanies the exhibit, Charles White in Public Places that celebrates the life and work of Charles W. White an internationally acclaimed artist. Beauty, Truth and Reality celebrates the unique artistry of this socially conscious artist whose perspective intersected the visual arts, African American culture, history and social justice.

White was committed to illustrating the realistic historical and present day experiences of blacks during his lifetime. Whether this experience reflected the unpleasantness of poverty, the dehumanizing despair of enslavement, inequality or the abounding hopes of a new mother; Charles White used his uncommon talent to transcend boundaries and inspire humankind to “better understand the abstract meaning of beauty, truth and reality.”

Charles White’s work was at times social commentary and as such, our goal is to promote discourse around the notions such as humanity, dignity, justice, poverty, race, beauty and despair. We hope to address crucial questions regarding the importance of art and its role in free expression. As Charles White noted, “I feel that even more than in my work of three years ago, I have been able to engender a feeling of hope. Even in a scene exposing the harshness of life of the common people, such hope is latent and must be revealed.”

Charles White
1918 – 1979